Our effective business process in maximizing handicraft export from India

At M&B, we take every guiding principle very seriously; we work on process flow starting from the top to the bottom line of the company.

As we’re growing, seeing change at operation, more people are involving in day-to-day operation which gradually becoming a complex system. There is no denying that we’re becoming scalable, adding varieties of products in ever-increasing brands portfolio.

Therefore, it is vital for the company to introduce an effective business process for continuing its growth and remain profitable. We’re deploying better technology to be effective communicators within the team, with the customers, and with the other stakeholders.

Our business process includes realistic goals setting which is clear and achievable and initiated by each division in the company. We put our team accountable but with freedom for trials and improvement processes and providing clear guidelines about each project, its deadlines, and our target.

Not every organization can bring change all at once because of the limitation of resources. Therefore, we’re focusing on what we’ve and where we’re good in the business. The core benefits of having an effective business process are reducing our day-to-day business overheads, faster turnaround, execution, and operation runs much automated. We’re striving every day to make it so simple so our less qualified team with less experience can perform as similar as expensive resources with expertise.

Delighting customers with consistency on great customer service, high-quality production, and making the whole business system in order, and avoiding any ad-hoc issues in the operation. We aim to set our whole business process as a daily ritual to do; where we can become much fancy to focus on exploring big challenges and solving big problems effectively.

With having our efficient manpower with an effective business process is ultimately helping the company to retain the customers, be confident in acquiring new clients, and overall increasing the revenue and profit in the book of accounts.


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