Welcome to our new office in Noida! M&B is growing continuously…

Over the past two years, M&B has profound changes and still undergoing with many more.

With extensive research, planning and hard work, we’ve moved to our Noida Office in Jan 2021.

You can find us with the help of this map below

M&B keeps growing organically and our Noida office is ready to serve the purpose with more space, modern workstations and well equipped with all office amenities.

We moved to this new office aiming to bring greater corporate environment at workplace, ease of hiring good talent and much closer to our commercial counterparts in the city as well as within an hour distance from the international airport.

Since the begging of this move, we’re continuously bringing good talent in workforce, reaching out to new ventures and re-imagining our business strategies to grow even faster. There are various things to ponder on the go and we’re settled here and setting our marks in the city daily basis.

Below, our stunning conference room, every colleague is exited about this room and we hold our regular and ad-hoc meetings there and a great place for entertainment during Saturday activities with smart TV music playlist.

See, our common area, a favorite place to have peer-peer sweet conversation, annual fest, shared dinning table and having tea & coffee breaks.

Now to summarise

More important than this office is our team who makes this place more loveable and joyful to work at. We take immense pride to have a great young team with shared values and culture.

Plan a visit and meet the team!

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