Mohammad Muqeem (CEO)

I manage Muqeem & Brothers Private Limited (M&B) in India and its international expansion in the U.S. market by organizing, directing, and managing, three core processes:

Manage the sales, marketing, and branding strategy.

Manage product design and development.

Oversee retail and wholesale distribution and logistics.

Meet the Team

Our team includes 32 talented individuals who bring diverse expertise and experience to our business, from ground level to management, all managed by our core team.

Head of Finances
Based in India Joined in 2017
  • Bringing over 30 years of financial accounting experience with Indian corporations to our team.
  • An integral part of our team since 2017, gaining a deep understanding of every aspect of our business.
Handicrafts & Giftware Production Manager
Based in India Joined in 2016
  • Our Production Manager has over 25 years of experience working as an artisan and supplier in the local export market in India.
  • Brings valuable expertise in handicrafts and giftware production to our team, ensuring the highest quality products for our customers.
Human Resources Specialist
Based in India Joined in 2021
  • Brings over 15 years of experience as a service provider for HR and compliance to multinational corporations based in India.
  • Plays a critical role in managing our human resources and ensuring compliance with regulations, contributing to our team's success.

Our team is driven, dedicated, and passionate about our business, working together to achieve our goals and propel our company forward. We are proud of our diverse and experienced team. We believe this is a crucial factor in our success and growth.

Our Business Model
We manufacture fashion clothing, home decor, home furnishings and giftware products and supply to the major online retailers in the US, Canada and the UK.

Our products and services’ distribution lie in three core principles.


We take pride in merchandizing our home goods and women's clothing in-house as well as workshops with a meticulous design process, skilled craftsmanship, and stringent quality control measures. Our unique approach allows us to create high-quality, distinctive products and services that stand out in the market and gives us greater control over product customization and differentiation.


We leverage various sales channels, including trade shows, resellers, brick & mortar, and social media to reach our customers. Our sales strategies, marketing efforts, and customer engagement approaches on these platforms enable us to showcase our products, drive sales, and build brand awareness among our target audience.


Producing in-house gives us cost advantages and flexibility in scaling our operations. It allows us to optimize production costs, reduce lead times, and respond more quickly to market demands. Moreover, it enables us to create more employment opportunities for our artisans, uplift their livelihoods by providing fair pay, and deliver value to our customers by offering high-end products at competitive prices.

By following this business model, we can create unique products, efficiently deliver them through multiple sales channels, and harness the advantages of in-house production, resulting in a win-win situation for our business, creative professionals, artisans, and customers.